Disorderly Conduct 2016 Dark Bold Red California

Disorderly Conduct 2016 Dark Bold Red California

Disorderly Conduct is a wine that rejects established rules and isn’t afraid to push boundaries. Sometimes in winemaking, it takes a little bit of attitude to make something truly great. Winemakers are artists, you might have heard one called a “rockstar winemaker.” It takes focus, creativity, and a unique vision to make something special. The Disorderly Conduct Dark Bold Red takes a page from the rock and roll playbook. This isn’t a restrained red, it’s spicy with notes of bold, red fruit that pair with dinner and your favorite record.


There aren’t many wine regions in the world more diverse than California. The warm days and cool nights are perfect for producing concentrated and expressive grapes over the long growing season. With vineyards on the sea-swept Central Coast; the mountainous, jagged terrain of Northern California; and the storied plots of Napa, winemakers can be exacting in choosing the specific climate and terroir they are looking for when making their wines. With nutrient-rich soils and scores of different microclimates, California is a gift to ambitious winemakers.

Tasting Notes

This wine has aromas of ripe, red and black currants ​with fresh strawberries. There are also ​savory and succulent aromas of tobacco leaf. The wine is juicy without being overly bombastic and finishes with soft supple tannins