Isolde's Rapture 2016 Red Blend California

Isolde's Rapture 2016 Red Blend California

Judges are totally enraptured by this wine. It just took home 95 points and a Double Gold medal from the 2018 International Women's Wine Competition. Sometimes a wine can stop you mid-sip, drowning out all the other noise, and leave you in a state of wonder, enraptured by the flavors encompassing your palate. Isolde’s Rapture is one of these wines. Bold, dark fruits and high tannins make this a full-bodied and voluptuous blend with a lot of power behind it. Flavors of clove, nutmeg, and vanilla are offset by black notes: blackberry, blackcurrant, and black pepper. The dense structure and the savory notes make this a wonderful food wine— perfect for pairing with meats. It left our experts speechless, and hopefully, it can take you to the same state of perfect rapture.


There aren’t many wine regions in the world more diverse than California. The warm days and cool nights are perfect for producing concentrated and expressive grapes over the long growing season. With vineyards on the sea-swept Central Coast; the mountainous, jagged terrain of Northern California; and the storied plots of Napa, winemakers can be exacting in choosing the specific climate and terroir they are looking for when making their wines. Featuring nutrient-rich soils and scores of different microclimates, California is a gift to ambitious winemakers.

Tasting Notes

This wine is densely structured with savory secondary notes that enhance the complexity. Blackberry, blackcurrants, and black pepper all mix to make an incredibly enjoyable drinking experience. The gamey notes and high tannins make this the perfect red to pair with meats.


2018 Denver International Wine Competition Best of Show

2018 International Women's Wine Competition 95 Points

2018 International Women's Wine Competition Double-Gold Medal

2018 Global Wine Awards Silver Medal