Lost Dog Lane 2016 Red Seasonal Release California

Lost Dog Lane 2016 Red Seasonal Release California

Lost Dog Lane is a hit with critics and Firstleaf members. The brand has taken home best-in-class, double gold medals, 90+ point scores, and more for their wines!

Ths wine just took home a silver medal at the 2018 Monterey International Wine Competition and at the 2018 San Diego International Wine & Spirits Challenge!

The Firstleaf wine experts search all over the world for great finds. That’s why we have wines from far-flung places: from the high altitude vineyards of Chile to the North Island of New Zealand. But when we find a winery we love, we try to get as much as possible. Lost Dog Lane has been a member and expert favorite in the club. The brand has taken home 90+points, best-in-class awards, and medal after medal at different wine competitions. This wine has rich, robust tannins that are balanced by fresh fruit flavors. Our experts have been loving it with anything you can put on the grill, try it with a steak!


There aren’t many wine regions in the world more diverse than California. The warm days and cool nights are perfect for producing concentrated and expressive grapes over the long growing season. With vineyards on the sea-swept Central Coast; the mountainous, jagged terrain of Northern California; and the storied plots of Napa, winemakers can be exacting in choosing the specific climate and terroir they are looking for when making their wines. With nutrient-rich soils and scores of different microclimates, California is a gift to ambitious winemakers.

Tasting Notes

The firm, robust tannins will pair excellently with rich meats, and the dark fruit complements red meats and sauces.


2018 New World International Wine Competition Bronze Medal

2018 Monterey International Wine Challenge Silver Medal

2018 San Diego International Wine and Sprits Competition Silver Medal