Oscar Darby 2017 Shiraz Australia

Oscar Darby 2017 Shiraz Australia

The last release from Oscar Darby was a modern take on a long established French style, and club members loved the fresh take. We’ve taken that approach and applied it this time to the ever-popular Australian Shiraz. While Shiraz can be bold and over oaked, the Oscar Darby is a lesson in subtlety. With blue fruits and a plush structure, the wine is accessible, but it’s the hints of black pepper and herbs that bring out the complexity. On the palate, there are even notes of vanilla and chocolate, which is why we’ve loved having this on its own as much as we’ve enjoyed it with food.


Australian wine has really come into its own the last few decades. Winemakers have the entire southern quarter of the continent staked out with vineyards covering all different types of soils. Australia’s hot and dry climate requires extremely careful and precise irrigation in order to properly nourish the vines, allowing for just enough water for the fruit to ripen without overwatering the delicate root system of the vineyards. The wines that come from Austraila are typically big, bold, and incredibly enjoyable.

Tasting Notes

Perfect ripeness at harvest gives this wine beautiful blue fruit expression, well-balanced alcohol, and lively acidity. This is Shiraz in its most delicate form with black pepper, hint of oregano and broad tannins. Ideal extraction during fermentation provided deep color and round tannins. The oak brings hints of spice, vanilla, and milk chocolate for an elegant subtlety.