Paso Del Tiempo 2017 Syrah Spain

Paso Del Tiempo 2017 Syrah Spain

The first few wines Paso Del Tiempo released were immediate hits winning gold medals, double gold medals, and best of class praise from judges from all over the world. This Spanish winery is rejoining the Firstleaf wine club with another stunner: The Paso Del Tiempo 2017 Syrah. Syrah is an amazingly versatile grape, and this one is in particularly refined form. With notes of blue fruit, earth, and violets the Spanish stunner is bold and elegant at the same time. The spicy notes are great for pairing with classic Spanish foods: chorizo, roasted potatoes, and other tapas.


For being as elegant and complex as wines anywhere else in the Old World, Spanish wines often fly totally under the radar. The country has so many different micro-climates, elevations, and natural styles that any wine lover can find a new favorite. Our wine experts have loved sourcing wines from all over the Iberian Peninsula.

Tasting Notes

This complex Spanish Syrah is a new favorite of our experts. With blue fruit and black pepper, it is both refined and marked by a youthful vibrancy. Spicy notes make this Spanish wine the perfect pairing for tapas.


2018 Denver International Wine Competition Silver Medal

2018 Global Wine Awards Silver Medal

2018 International Women's Wine Competition Silver Medal