Tome 2016 Tempranillo Campo de Borja Spain

Tome 2016 Tempranillo Campo de Borja Spain

Tempranillo is an amazing grape. For many years it was totally unrecognized as the important grape we know today. Scientists finally tested the multitude of Spanish varietals and realized that many of them were actually Tempranillo all along! It is safe to say that it is the great Spanish grape. Tempranillo wine is noted for luscious texture and strong fruit flavors. Cherry red in color, but clean and bright the Tome Tempranillo is incredibly drinkable, and a great example of the style. After a few months in oak barrels, the wine has settled down with a medium body and rich notes of fruit and spice. These flavors meld seamlessly and make it perfect for almost any occasion.

The Tome Tempranillo has taken home two silver medals and 90 points at competition so far!


Tempranillo grows very well in Campo de Borja. The unique climate that comes from the large Moncayo mountain helps to develop the grapes through a substantial "diurnal temperature shift." This really means that it gets warm in the daytime and cold at night-which is very helpful for making sure the wine is elegant and complex, but still high enough in alcohol to create a balanced wine.

Tasting Notes

The aromatics in this wine are incredibly earthy. Herbs mingle with vanilla which complements and contrast the fresh red fruits. The tannins are mild, but the acidity really makes the wine an elegant drinker that can pair with almost anything.


2018 New World International Wine Competition 90-Pts

2018 New World International Wine Competition Silver Medal

2018 Winemaker Challenge Silver Medal

2018 San Diego International Wine Competition Silver Medal