Aromatherapy 2016 Chenin Blanc California

Aromatherapy 2016 Chenin Blanc California

The Aromatherapy Chenin Blanc comes from one of the best growing regions in the entire country: Clarksburg, California. With rich soils, ample water, and warm days the grapes grow vigorously, but a cooling wind from the Pacific keeps them from becoming overripe. The resulting wine is magnetic. It opens up to reveal a beautiful bouquet of flowers reminiscent of the California countryside. Our experts think it is a great complement to almost any meal but is particularly good with bold flavors. Try it alongside anything with a ginger, tuna steaks, or roasted chicken.


Clarksburg, California sits near Sacramento in the Delta. What is special about this location (especially for Chenin Blanc) is the microclimate. This area is about 90 miles East of San Francisco which is an inland valley floor location, prone to heat; however, because of its proximity to the SF Bay, the area is cooled down in the afternoon due to the marine influence. The cool breezes remove heat, yet allow for optimal daytime sunlight and ripening to occur. This cooling effect allows the grapes to maintain larger than normal (for an inland location) natural acidities which inherently makes better wine.

Tasting Notes

Our experts love the subtle notes of fresh fruits: we get mellow flavors of green apple, passionfruit, nectarine, and peaches.