Avro 618

Avro 618 "Southern Cloud" 2017 Chardonnay Australia

The Arvo 618 “Southern Cloud” was a breakthrough for a sparsely populated continent. The first mail carrier plane was instrumental in developing infrastructure and delivering the mail that was needed to run the country. Like the plane, the Arvo 618 “Southern Cloud” Chardonnay delivers. With notes of nectarine, melon, and vanilla balancing out a round palate the wine is incredibly easy to drink and to pair. Subtle hints of nuts and spice make the wine perfect for complementing white meats, especially fish. We have been loving it with grilled or pan-seared fish and fresh vegetables.


Australian wine has really come into its own the last few decades. Winemakers have the entire southern quarter of the continent staked out with vineyards covering all different types of soils. Australia’s hot and dry climate requires extremely careful and precise irrigation in order to properly nourish the vines, allowing for just enough water for the fruit to ripen without overwatering the delicate root system of the vineyards. The wines that come from Austraila are big, bold, and incredibly enjoyable.

Tasting Notes

This wine is nutty, with sweet spices and a round, easy texture. It should be drunk on its own or to complement creamy sauces or oily textures.

Varietal: Chardonnay


2018 Denver International Wine Competition Silver Medal

2018 International Women's Wine Competition Silver Medal

2018 New York International Wine Competition Silver Medal

2018 Global Wine Awards Bronze Medal