Every Cloud 17 Pinot Grigio Monterey County

Every Cloud 17 Pinot Grigio Monterey County

The grapes used to make the Every Cloud Pinot Grigio come from vineyards influenced by the cool, Pacific breezes of Monterey County. The wine is beautifully aromatic, with pure notes of peach and white flowers that are bolstered by a crisp acidity. We believe that Every Cloud is the perfect wine for a picnic, but that it is also fantastic with rich foods you make at home. Our experts have been pairing this with everything! They even recommend trying it with a heavy risotto or a steak—it's always good to have a white wine that goes with our favorite cuts as they come off the grill.


Monterey County, California is an incredibly underrated region. Producing nearly as much wine as Napa, grapes from Monterey are bolstered by cool Pacific breezes. Winds sweep through the Salinas Valley from the Monterey Bay and funnel the sea air over the vineyards. This allows the grapes to reach peak maturity, balancing rich flavor and sugar with ripe acidity.

Tasting Notes

This wine has crisp notes of peach, subtle hints of white flowers, and a brisk acidity. Because it is aromatic and crisp, Because it has weight, but is still aromatic and crisp, it is able to stand up to bolder food pairings.


2018 Denver International Wine Competition Silver Medal

2018 Global Wine Awards Silver Medal

2018 International Women's Wine Competition Bronze Medal