Flowering Branch 2017 Semillon Australia

Flowering Branch 2017 Semillon Australia

When Sémillon is grown in the right conditions and tended with the utmost care it can become one of the best wines on Earth. Minerality ripples through the body of the wine alongside a pleasant grassiness, both notes adding the touch of complexity to this delicious white wine. The Flowering Branch has these notes and more with beautiful citrus and light toasted notes rounding out the wine. The subtlety plays well with seafood, milder cheeses, and even spicy dishes. It’s a versatile wine that is at home during cocktail hour as it is at dinner.


Australian wine has really come into its own the last few decades. Winemakers have the entire southern quarter of the continent staked out with vineyards covering all different types of soils. Australia’s hot and dry climate requires extremely careful and precise irrigation in order to properly nourish the vines, allowing for just enough water for the fruit to ripen without overwatering the delicate root system of the vineyards. The wines that come from Austraila are typically big, bold, and incredibly enjoyable.

Tasting Notes

Minerality, citrus, and a pleasant grassiness all make this wine a delight to drink. The vibrant acidity is a perfect match for seafood or oysters and a variety of mild cheeses. Its versatility lies into its brightness, low alcohol.