Infographic 2017 Malvasia Bianca Paso Robles, California

Infographic 2017 Malvasia Bianca Paso Robles, California

The history of Malvasia grapes is fascinating. Since ancient explorers brought them on their journeys they have grown on the islands of the Mediterranean. More recently explorers have brought them on to the New World. Grown in the warm climate of Paso Robles, California these grapes give off exuberant flavors. We love the notes of guava, passionfruit, and lemon that are tempered by herbs and exotic spices. This wine is in every respect a summer sipper. Fresh tropical fruit, natural sweetness, and a silky, viscous mouthfeel make this an especially lush pairing with the salty pungency of blue cheeses. Try opening this the next time you have a cheese board!


There’s a reason Paso Robles is the fastest growing wine region in California. Encompassing over 614,000 acres of land, with 32,000 acres of grapevines, the area’s verdant soils, warm days, and cool nights make it one of the best regions in the world for growing bold, nutrient dense grapes. Filled with some of the boldest, most innovative winemakers working today, the region is known for producing distinctively flavorful and incredibly drinkable wines.

Tasting Notes

An exuberant white wine, this Malvasia Bianca has lovely notes of tropical fruit and citrus that is tempered by herbs and exotic spices.