Harmonic Bridge 2016 Chardonnay Paso Robles, California

Harmonic Bridge 2016 Chardonnay Paso Robles, California

Drinking wine is an experience that enthralls all of the senses. You can see the color, from rich garnet to pale white as it’s poured out of the bottle. You can touch the glass, and move it to your nose to smell the aromas. You can taste the subtle notes as the wine moves across your palate. But what about sound? This is the reason that we toast glasses, we want to draw every sense into play when enjoying a fine wine. This wine has beautiful aromas, a bright gold color, and ripe fruit flavors. Grab a glass and make a toast, because the Harmonic Bridge Chardonnay is worthy of all of your senses.


Paso Robles is not your typical Chardonnay environment. It has seasonably very warm days but, thankfully, cooler nights which result in the grapes having the ability to become very ripe. This was perfect for what the winemakers wanted in this wine when combined with the influence of the ocean.

Tasting Notes

Ripe stone fruit and a plush structure showcase the warmer region of Paso Robles. Together comes the richness and unctuous texture. Oaky vanilla notes and cinnamon from French oak add complexity. Full malolactic fermentation allows for an overt buttery style of Chardonnay.