Maidu Winery 2017 Pinot Grigio Monterey County California

Maidu Winery 2017 Pinot Grigio Monterey County California

Monterey County is an ideal place to grow Pinot Grigio grapes. The hot sun allows the fruit to develop a full body and the cooling effects of the Pacific ocean preserve the natural acidity. With a creamy, round mouthfeel and strong floral notes, the Maidu Pinot Grigio is one of our new favorite wines. The zippy acidity and subtle tastes of pear and Meyer lemon play beautifully off of one another and make it our new go-to choice when we need something to pair with rich creamy pasta, a whole roasted chicken, or a big piece of white fish.


Monterey County, California is an incredibly underrated region. Producing nearly as much wine as Napa, grapes from the Monterey Valley are bolstered by cool Pacific breezes. Winds sweep through Salinas from the Monterey Bay and funnel the sea air over the vineyards. This allows the grapes to reach peak maturity, balancing rich flavor and sugar with ripe acidity.

Tasting Notes

This aromatic Pinot Grigio has beautiful notes of peach and pear with rich, round texture and acidity.